Debi & Bill | Netherlands

The bridge will only take you halfway there, to those mysterious lands you long to see. Through gypsy camps and swirling Arab fair, and moonlit woods where unicorns run free. So come and walk awhile with me and share the twisting trails and wondrous worlds I’ve known. But this bridge will only take you halfway there. The last few steps you have to take alone.” ― Shel Silverstein



 “Have you ever noticed that parents can go from the most wonderful people in the world to the most embarrassing in three seconds?” - Rick Riordan


Keukenhof | Holland

This trip had been on my bucket since we arrived in Europe. Keukenhof Gardens is spectacular. Amazing. Breath-taking. If you have the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands and see this wonderful place, I highly recommend and suggest you go.
There were thousands upon thousands of flowers. Tulips in every color shade, size and style you could ever imagine. The entire area smelled of sweet flowery perfume and fresh grass.
The garden is an all day event for sure. There are so many sections to see with sculptures, art, and indoor flowering events as well.
I would LOVE to do this trip again.
 Happy Earth Day!








Leiden | Netherlands


The Netherlands have captured a bit of my heart and I am not even sorry to have left part of it behind.
We stayed in an amazing home using Air BnB, right up against a canal in Leiden Holland.
It was everything and MORE than I could have expected.
Bicycles everywhere, boats in the canals, the food was exquisite.
My kids loved the atmsophere and seeing all of the old windmills.
Thank you, Leiden, for being wonderful.










all the eggs

… in one basket.

Hoppy Easter.

a smile