end {of} summer

It has been a crazy hectic few months! I can’t believe that the big guy goes back to school in a few days. And not just any school.. it is middle school. And I am not allowed to refer to it as anything less. ;0 ) Somoene is very excited and feeling like a big guy these days.
We took a small vacation a few weekend ago, not too far, just up to Cleveland. We went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. No photos allowed, so I have nothing to post :0 ( but if you have the oppurtunity to visit, you should! It was amazing. We had a great time. I also took the big kid to see Neon Trees, which he absolutely died over. We were on the rail, up front, and he danced and sang the whole night. <3 I love those moments.
An awesome little side note! We foudn out that we will be moving to Germany at the beginning of 2014! Woah!!!! I’m a little scared, but I can’t WAIT. It is going to be an amazing three years. Maybe  more if we enjoy our time overseas. I am working on a bucket list of things I want to see while we live over there for three years. The list is becoming quite long. lOl

I hope you have all had a great and adventurous summer!!
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