{366} day 22

 Booked our family vacation for the summer!
I have been dying to go to Mackinac Island for a few years now and this summer we get to do it!
I love that it’s like stepping back in time when you arrive on the island. There are no cars. You can rent (or bring your own) bikes, you can rent horses or you can take a horse drawn carriage.
There was a movie filmed on the island called: “Somewhere in Time“. I watched it with my mom growing up. Great movie. You should definitely check it out. Christopher Reeve is in it. <3 As well as Jane Seymore.

I’m so excited for a few warm days and to be close to the water again. I have really missed it since moving here from California.
The kids are thrilled and want to ride horses every day that we are there. lOl We shall see. ;0 )
Anyone else geared up for warmer weather yet?
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