Home Alone

Yes, you read that right; I am home alone. By myself. No supervision. Things could get crazy here… you know, like catching up on DVR’d episodes of Kelly and Michael and the Vampire Diaries. Maybe some coffee drinking and there will be loud, off key, singing in the living room while I dance around to Willy Moon. Oh yes, this could all be very good.

My oldest is off to 6th grade and my baby is at school for the first time in Kindergarten.
Even though I was completely stoked for free time, now I sit here and keep thinking… What are they doing right now? Are they having fun? Are they being good? God I feel bad for their teachers. lOl

So here’s to all of us at home waving goodbye to our children as they embark on another school year. I hope all of your children have a wondeful experience this year and that the homework isn’t too hard… because we can’t all be smarter than a fifth grader. ;0 ) 

Happy Monday!




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