{nyc} thanksgiving

A dream come true! One more check mark on the bucket list of life. <3
We took the kids to see the 85th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, live!
We were camped out on the corner of 6th Ave. and 54th St. and it was mind blowingly amazing. Did you know that the balloons look MUCH smaller in person? Well, they do. And it was nearly impossible to see any of the street performances. lOl The kids loved it and my five year old nearly took my ten year old when Santa came down the street.
If you can, you must! NYC at the holidays is mindblowing.
I will blog again with other random photos later.
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My {boy}

Even though he doesn’t much want to look at the camera any more, he will still ‘pose’ for me. ;0 P
They grow up so fast. It’s almost scary how overnight they go from diapers and sippy cups to “Hey mom, there’s this girrrrl…” and “Please, mom, don’t embarrass me by being seen with me… ever.” lOl
He’s still a super sweetheart, even if he won’t show it in public. I know some day he’ll change his mind and I’ll get hugs in front of his friends again… but for now, I will enjoy his changing and growing. It’s a huge learning experience for us both.

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An {apple} a day...

What’s more fun than picking apples all day?
Yehy for Fall and all the fun colors and activies it brings with it.
Can’t wait to get to the pumpkin patch this weekend for hay rides, corn mazes and hot cider.
Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and warmer clothes.
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Mr. {A}

Took me a long while to get these posted.
Is he not the cutest little guy ever? Those sweet little baby lips and tiny nose just slay me.

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let them {play}

Boys will be boys. This includes the dad part of the boys.
These happen to be some of my very most favorite moments to watch.
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