six {weeks}

I hate when he has to go. Thankfully it is only for six weeks this time.
The boys miss him something fierce and it’s only been a day. Hoping to fall into a routine and get some giggles out of these two soon. :0 )
Love to all.
Upload from January 09, 2012

hodge {podge}

It has been a busy few weeks. With Easter and Spring Break and just life in general.
Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and new Spring flowers.
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Magnolia trees in full bloom! I can’t get over the color and fresh flower scent. Upload from January 09, 2012

hazy {spring}

Spring has sprung!
Yehy for warmer days, green grass, flowers and trees blossoming all over the place. My sinuses don’t agree with this sentiment, but asked them anyway? ;0 )
Excited for Spring Break.. yes, our seems to be very late this year, it isn’t for another week.
But I am excited none-the-less for fun days with my kiddos and staying up late snuggling and watching movies. <3
Have a beautiful day!
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the {whole} universe

… that’s how much I love you.