big {kid}

As the days tick closer to his 10th birthday, and his life problems become more grown up, I sit in wonder and think back to when I was going into the fifth grade and the issues I had.
Earlier this week he came home from school, dropped his backpack at the front door and announced:
“Next week they are sending home a paper about puberty! And then we have to watch a movie about it! I don’t want to go through purberty. I just want an awesome mustache.”

Puberty. My baby is going to get the puberty talk in school. Wow. I didn’t realize that he was old enough for that. But I guess it’s right on time.

As I look back on these photos that I took over the last week, I can very much see the grown boy he’s turning into and it makes my heart ache wishing he’d shrink back into the chubby little baby he once was. <3 A mother’s heart works like no other. Upload from January 09, 2012


no {training} wheels!

My little guy has had a Strider for a little over a year now and he is a maniac on that thing.
It has been the best thing ever for him as far as bike riding goes. His balance is amazing and he has no fear. Well, maybe the no fear bit scares ME a little, but he’s very comfortable with his abilities.
Last weekend we decided it was time for pedals. I was a tad on weary side. He’s never used pedals before. I should have known better. lOl After a push start to help him get going, he was off and running like he’d been doing it his whole life. The issues he has with having breaks, which he thinks is super cool because you can leave black streaks on the sidewalk, and he has a hard time getting going. Other than that, that Strider gave him the confidence and ability to get on a bike with no training wheels at four years old and take off like a rocket.
So proud of my little man.

 Upload from January 09, 2012

Gone {so} long

It has been so ling since I have posted. Between colds being passed around and then a nasty flu bug turned stomach bug.. it’s just been sort of chaotic and ultimately, not so pretty around here for the last few weeks. :0 (
We are all better and smiling and playing now… just in time for the 70 degree weather that has hit. It has been marvelous! I am going to be sad once it gets muggy and brutally warm. For now.. we are outside and playing as much as possible. The grill is working overtime, fresh fish and turkey burgers have been a favorite, along with asparagus and peppers. Summer food is so much more fun and yummy than winter food. IMO ;0 )

Hope to be back to posting regularly now that everyone is feeling better <3

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one {day} at a time

Spent the morning singing ABC’s, counting to twenty and watching Sid the Science Kid.
I had to bribe him for these photos with a piece of bubble gum, which you can see in the last photo. Scootch.
Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!
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{balentime's} day


 “I see your true colors shining through..” lOl
Silly boy.

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