new adventures | sisters

These girls are so special to me. Their family opened their arms and their hearts when we were the new family in town and really made us feel welcomed and a little less lonely in a new country.
They are about to embark on a new journey and they will be missed so much. We’ve done this dance so many times now, you’d think it would just get easier to say goodbye, but it honestly doesn’t. I know that my kids have made friends for life and we will stay in touch no matter the distance.
Good luck my friends on your new adventure! We will meet again in the future and between now and then there will be many FaceTime calls and Facebook posts.
Love you all,


Schiavonn Marie Christmas Girls 1.jpg


Schiavonn Marie Christmas Girls 4.jpg


Schiavonn Marie Christmas Girls 5.jpg


Schiavonn Marie Christmas Girls 2.jpg


Schiavonn Marie Christmas Girls 6.jpg


Schiavonn Marie Christmas Girls 3.jpg


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Happy Birthday | Rob

We have been friends for 20 years, husband and wife for almost 16 and parents for 13. We’ve lived all over the place, seen and experienced so much more than I ever imagined I possibly could in our time together. We’ve come a long way in two decades, baby.
Happy Birthday to my best friend. Thank you for everything that you do for me, for us, and for our boys. We all love you so much.

Happy Halloween | 2015

We hope you had a very spooky Halloween!




Fall Mayhem with Maham's

These kiddos are full of happiness and the most contagious giggles. 
Meg and Blake, you are really doing something right by these two. They are such sweet and kind little people always ready to give hugs and lend a laugh when you need one.
Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of spending time with your amazing family.

Shaun of the Dead | Halloween

 Nothing quite like waiting until the last minute to get moving on a costume. ;0 ) 
This year he’s going as Shaun from the movie Shaun of the Dead. It’s one of the only zombie movies I can tolerate and it actually makes me laugh… a lot, between all the cringing.
Can’t wait to see him in full costume tomorrow.
Happy (early) Halloween!
Have a great one, guys!