Pumpkins | Germany

This weekend was pumpkin weekend for us! Finally grabbing up a few so that we carve them this week to get ready for Halloween on Saturday! Today we all did the Fall Back thing and it made the entire day seem so wonky and long. Hoping we all sleep well tonight and are ready for a new week tomorrow without all that time change weirdness.

Hope everyone is staying warm and having a fabulous weekend!








Autumn | Germany

Autumn is in full effect here in Germany this year. The colors are so vibrant and wild right now, I’m sad to know they will all be gone soon, replaced with the bare twigs on trees and the slush of melty snow.

Hope you are enjoying Autum (or Spring as the case may be) in your part of the world. 








Disneyland | Paris, France

Two days inside the park that touts itself as the Happiest Place on Earth.. if you look past all of the hour long lines for a two minute ride, construction zones and broken down attractions.
Know what? It was still the best weekend EVAR! My grin couldn’t get any bigger right now just remembering all of the laughs and fun we had. Achy feet? Sore back? But we laughed, ate cotton candy, and I think I squealed a few times when I saw the Queen of Hearts.
My favorite rides at any Disney location are the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. I was NOT disappointed by either of these rides in France. As a matter of fact, the pirate’s ride is the BEST one I’ve been on. Sorry, Cali and Florida, the French beat you this time, hands down. And the Phantom Manor was absolutely awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ride.
My 7 year old loved Big Thunder Mountain, especially when we went underground. I could hear him yelling, ‘I’m not even scared!’, through the whole thing and I just laughed.
On top of everything? They were celebrating Halloween at the park!! Halloween is my most favorite holiday of the entire year, so I was stoked to be able to see the park all done up with pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and ghosts.
My husband will think I’m nuts, but I’m ready to go again. ahaha Love you, Hunny!


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quinoa | granola

 I found the most amazing recipe for granola the other day. The kids and husband ate it up faster than I could blink. I will definitely be making this again.
The granola itself was crisp, crunchy and even though you don’t rinse the quinoa prior to using it in this recipe, it is not bitter. Had just the right texture and crunch. Two thumbs up! 

If you don’t follow The Minimalist Baker, you should. She posts up some of the best, and easiest, recipes around. Everything is always simple, tasty and quick. What more could you ask for?
Go give her a follow! You’ll not regret it.






autumn is in the air | germany

Hello, Autumn! The best time of year, in my humble opnion. The leaves are changing here in Germany, the tempratures are dropping and we’ve all been lounging around in our hoodies. What sweet relief after this past summer and the heat that just wouldn’t stop. I now have a very grand appreciation for AC and winter weather. ;)

Had to get these boys together for a Christmas photo to send out next month. Yikes! Can you believe that we’re already coming up on the holiday season? I swear it was just New Year’s Eve a week ago.

Anywho, trying to get a serious shot of them together is like trying to pick sticky taffy from your teeth.. sweet and yet a somewhat painful task. haha Love them to death.

Happy Fall!