jr. high | dance

Jr. High dances. Swoon.

I remember being so exicted for my mom to drop me off outside the gym so I could kick my shoes off and run around all night with my friends while Bryan Adams, Salt n Peppa, and C&C Music Factory blasted in the backround.

It seems not much has changed, except now they whip and nae nae when we would have done the electric slide.

All hail the Jr. High dance!




prague | czech republic

Talk about a dream come true! 
We were able to visit the capital of the Czech Rebuplic this past Spring and it was AMAZING. The architecture, the bridges, the food and the people were all wonderful. 

SMP Prague 5.jpg

SMP Prague 4.jpg

SMP Prague 3.jpg

SMP Prague 2.jpg

SMP Prague 1.jpg

first tooth

Cue the waterworks. This Momma just said goodbye to the baby and hello to her “big kid”. He couldn’t have been more proud or excited for this moment.. so proud in fact, that today he lost his second tooth right next to first one. ;0 ) 
Slow down, kiddo.

Breil | France

My first trip to France was amazing!
We stayed in a gite in Breil which was about as charming as you can get. The French countryside is absolutely stunning and more picturesque than I could have ever imagined.
The sunsets every night absolutely stole my breath away. It was so relaxing and invigorating all at one time. I hope we are aforded the opportunity to do something similar again. It was good for this soul.
We also took off for the 24h Le Mans and Chateau Du Lude and I will post blogs with those photos later.










ordinary day