let there be dancing

The last dance of the school year.
Almost a big 7th grader.



his name is bob


… and his name is Bob… and him too! His name is Bob Number Four.
All of these Bobs in our garden make us smile.






It's Record Store Day

His favorite album lately is ‘Magic Potion’ by The Black Keys.
What’s your favorite album as of late?

Luxembourg City | Luxembourg

Last month we traveled to Luxembourg City…. twice. What a beautiful, gorgeous and history rich city.
My husband and I took a weekend getaway and then decided to bring the kids back with us for a day trip.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is spectacular! I’ve never been inside a church as pretty as this one.




We visted the Bok Casemates, which was once a castle. Now you can walk through the tunnels, some of them running under the ground, and peer out of large windows carved in the side of the rocky moutain. 



 My favorite, despite it being off season and not being able to go inisde for a tour, was the Grand Ducal Palace. We will be taking a trip back this summer especially to do the guided tour of the inside of the palace.
The kids got a kick out of seeing a real palace guard outside standing proud. 

let there be flowers | steinwenden germany

Hello hello!
We are finally settled into our new home, have internet and computers and have been exploring our host nation.
These gorgeous flowers are growing in my garden right now. How can you not smile when you walk out your front door and are greeted by clusters of happy colors?