Merry? Very.

Although we have a HUGE move coming up; one that will land us in a far far away place filled with new faces and places, we decided to snag a few last shots here close to this home so that we could put together our Christmas card. 
May you all have a wonderful holiday season. Gobble up all that turkey and decorate your cookies to perfection!
With love,





Sweet Sisters

I had such a fun time with these girls.
I learned that dogs can climb trees, cats can drive cars, and it’s not funny when a horse dribbles his water.
But we all laughed anyway. ;0 )
If you are local, or close to local, you should definitely check out the Carriage Hill Metro Park. It’s a gorgeous setting with a lot of fun things to see and learn about.

Thank you, McLaughlin Family for a wonderful day!






Trep Family

One sister and all those boys!
Had a fabulous time chasing these little guys around while they played in the leaves and climbed fences, pointed out pigs and horses and laughed.







How they grow

And they do it quickly. In the blink of an eye they go from having chubby fingers and round faces to wanting to make sure that they have a cool haircut and awesome shoes.
I am absolutely in love with these two boys who are growing up to be fine young men.

Do you ever wish you could rewind the clock? There are days when I would do anything to change a diaper and smell that newborn baby scent again. Then I remember that I love sleeping through night and poopie diapers get old quick. ;0 )

Much love to you and yours.



Best Friends

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson